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About Intro to Judaism (ITJ)

Denver's Introduction to Judaism Program

The Denver Intro to Judaism program is designed to give serious students (Jews and non-Jews) a wonderful opportunity to learn about the history, culture, religious practices and day to day life of the Jewish people. The program also satisfies the educational component for most Denver Jewish conversion programs.

Topics include: 

  • An overview of the history of the Jews
  • How and why Jews pray
  • A review of the important lifecycle events and holidays 
  • An explanation of the Written and Oral Law
  • Basic Jewish beliefs
  • Israel

The Rocky Mountain Rabbinic Council (RMRC)

The RMRC is a multi-denominational agency serving Colorado rabbis from the various branches of Judaism. It is supported by a staff member and an executive committee -- the Vaad. The RMRC serves the spiritual, intellectual and professional needs of its rabbinic members. Its monthly meetings provide an opportunity for our members to share Jewish knowledge and insights, to have study opportunities as well as to have a forum to discuss public response to pressing current events and community and synagogue issues. The RMRC also provides a forum where representatives from local and national agencies (Jewish and non Jewish) can provide a briefing to clergy on pertinent issues. 

One of their most important initiatives is their 28 week Into to Judaism series. It is designed by and is taught by the members of the RMRC. The majority of rabbis also sponsor and mentor students in the program. The RMRC sponsors the Community Conversion Board (CCB). Rabbis from the Conservative, Reform and Reconstruction movements participate 4-5 times a year on the CCB. This unifying endeavor is indicative of Denver's progressive attitude. Individuals who convert with the CCB receive recognition of their conversion from all 3 movements. The RMRC is a co-sponsor of the DIA interfaith Chapel. In 2011, the RMRC helped create Denver's Board of Peers. The B.O.P. is comprised of agency directors and rabbis from the majority of Jewish agencies and synagogues in town. The board meets 4-5 times a year to discuss issues that affect our community, our country and Israel. It is a think tank for ideas, projects and programs. We are a beneficiary agency of the JEWISHColorado.   

RMRC Board of Directors

The Executive committee meets monthly and is responsible for the business of the RMRC. The Rabbis in attendance at the monthly meetings deliberate on a host of important issues concerning the Jewish community in the greater Denver area. The VAAD reviews requests from organizations who wish to make a presentation to the RMRC. Though we will not be able to approve all requests, the VAAD is often willing to distribute information from outside groups to the general RMRC membership.  

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Intro to Judaism

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